Thursday, September 12, 2013


i don't know how to express this in a proper way
don't even know how to explain it either
but i have this desire to share them, despite my incapabilities to tell you what is going on in my mind right now

how to start this...hmmm...
take cooking as a classic example
when i was a kid...i used to watch and observed my mom cooking
then...when i'm older i started helping her, preparing the ingredients
then my mom ask me to help her with the cooking itself
later, when i just finished my high school, i'm the one cooking for the family
cooking (for me) is a long journey of learning
my knowledge about cooking keep on increasing because i'm doing it everyday
what i'm trying to say is, the best way to learn is actually trying doing one...
be it instead of saying you will do...
experienced it for yourself..then only you gain something, know something
and my experience with stove and cooking is not always the same everytime i get into the kitchen
even though i want to cook the same dish i've prepared at my parents house
with exactly the same ingredients...and the same cooking style...
there's always something different...

the same goes with my work, daily staple routine as an exec in SA dept
at first i was just observing...then i was given the task to actually handle the problem on my own
then there are some others who still cannot cope with the solution given...and the hassle continue
i'm handling the same problem, same batch of student, same situation at the same place...
but still, the experienced is totally different...
and that makes me wiser (i think) to handle student with such problem
i think there is no one solution when you are dealing with human
each individual are very exclusive
a solution might work for someone but not for the others
that makes my job a lot messier...but i get wiser...i guess
i take this as a learning ground...for me to gain a lot of knowledge i might not have if i'm stuck in my old place

a friend is actually asking
why bother all the hassle
just shut your mouth and say its not your call
well...that is the easy getaway...and i'm not going to give that
because i always put myself in others shoes...
i want to be treated i might have to be one, treated others well too
if i'm not able to do am i going to get that...

life is a journey of learning...
and the best way of learning something is actually by doing it...
be a good individual...then you will be treated like one

it all start from our own self
if you are not willing to try
others feel the same too

just my two cent


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