Thursday, August 22, 2013

entry raya aku mesti panjang2
kali ni aku cuba untuk tak buat dia jadi panjang (even byk sgt nk taip)

my journey back home started by dealing with a fussy cousin
reluctant to follow travelling schedule
luckily she manage to find me in the airport 
then the flight is quite bumpy
cumulonimbus is covering the shores of Pahang and Sabah
an hour before landing is worst
constant turbulence...make me sick...
manage to arrive earlier then expected
tiring "MALAM RAYA"
need to prepare everything form ZERO (heeeee...used to that)
and...finally celebrating first raya morning with sleeping 
wake up with stomach ache and sleep some more

the second day, my mother's aunt arrive from Papar
before that, a lot of people come visiting for Hari Raya
stuck in the kitchen from morning till night...
same goes the next next day of raya
still did not get the chance of watching movies   in tv

4th day...go to kk...papar...pit stop at Kundasang Vege Bazaar
take beautiful pictures
go to Mom's long lost friend from Semenanjung at Tuaran
then Mom have a 'jejak kasih' moment with a housemate back at 1975
staying Tuaran until after Isya'
arrived late at Papar

5th day tour KK
Pasar Kebudayaan KK
buy marinated terubok fish
buy all the souvenir needed fo cousin

next day journey to Bundu Tuhan, Kundasang
the best it too much...
manage to stop at Pekan Nabalu...with heavy fog...
descending Crocker Mountains with very limited eyesight...extra careful driving
buy kuih cincin in Pasar Papar
go to Sabah Museum...visit the heritage village...
go to Pasar Kebudayaan some more
send cousin back to Terminal 2 KKIA
then go back Papar...and next day back to Sandakan raya this year is fulfilled with 'Jalan-Jalan' only
not much time spend at home
and less manja2 with mak and abah
i guess...i'm too old to manja2 with them
-harap bole manja2 ngan org lain pulak next year-

tu je la
dpt kol kena g outstation jb on wed-thurs (huhuhuhu)

arrived home this evening...very tired
tomorrow working as usual


some pics

pasar sayur kundasang

kedia bunga

peak of Kinabalu

Kinabalu peak from a road in Bundu Tuhan

Kampung Tagudon Lama, Kundasang

after 4 years...i manage to come back here...nostalgic...

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