Monday, March 5, 2012

back to school

a not an easy job
u have to finish teaching according to the syllabus, take attendance of your class, call the parents if their children is absent for the day, control the behavior of your student while teaching, do the summary of teaching everyday and submit to the principal for verification, involved in all school events, in-charge of students if they were subjected to join certain activities during P&P hours and more...
how can i endure being a teacher for 3 months
teaching is not that bad...the other part is worse actually
teaching itself is joyful...but the burden given for teachers' are massive
especially when you're not even paid monthly

i'm really lucky that i have my mom right now
she laugh every time i told her about my student
she laugh even louder when i said my student still make mistake even though i write the answer for them on the whiteboard
when she laugh, i know that all teachers will experienced those things
and those incident...actually...are quite funny
and then i remember, how dumb i am when i was at that age

luahan hati seorang 'guru' yang tak qualified langsung jadi guru
i wonder how my mom survive until she retired...

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