Thursday, May 31, 2012

i'm free

i'm free
free from loving others who are not blood related to me
it is the best for me...i think

talking about age...and my love
no one stays long be with me seriously...
actually, i'm the one who reluctant to stay long enough with those people
i may be choosy...but i have to
to stay serious with have to be serious with who you are...
you have to be serious with your foundation of faith...
you have to be able to lead...for something that you would build later...
and you should be aware of what will be count in your future life
not to forget...what will be asked on your behalf in the hereafter... love with me...means you have to be serious in all ways
its not because i'm a serious person
its because...i want to have a relationship that could last long enough until we reach Jannah


  1. have to choose your own life. Every woman dreams of a perfect man...but...nobody is perfect, and should I say that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" and not the other way round. Gud Luck now.....