Monday, May 9, 2011

in denial

am i in love???
*geleng kepala*
(please, i need it right now)

aku rasa aku kawen lambat lagi kot
*yes, betul tu*

sayang sangat dengan apa yang aku buat skrg
*definitely, its my life after all*
(konon jek)

everything i actually not what i meant...
i'm in everything...denial with a big, capital D
refuse to accept the truth
what have i become??? nothing
to be apart of nothing is...not that overwhelming...
to be much worst than i've thought
please...i need a psych doc to help me here..not necessarily the real doc...just someone who can really knocked something in my head and made me realize everything i've done is worth more that i've thought it would be...please...

not in the mood...

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