Monday, September 17, 2012

will you


will you share a little dream of mine
will you be by my side all the time
would you like to be
the one that stays in my heart
for as long as i could hold your heart

will you be the one i miss
in my every nights and days
will you be missing me back
when i'm out of your sight

will you be my crying shoulder
the one i can lean in my bad days
the one who could lend me some of his strength
when i'm out of it

will you be my light in the dark
though from afar, lead me to follow the path
the one that will be waiting patiently
when i'm back to my own self

will you just stay where you are
watching me from far...even you do know the fact
that i need you...i miss you...i love you...with all my heart

well...i know
you might be afraid to get close
the wish i make, you can’t make it full
you might as well give up
without even trying, or giving a thought

mind you, i'll be there
returning the favour
the wish is not mine alone, you've got your share
because i've said it in the first of the line
i will always share with you, a little dream of mine


  1. Hmmm...thats nice....harapan dan impian setiap wanita....gud luck khaf

    1. hahahahahahahha...poem ni tercipta lps tgk movie Bride Wars la Ali...pastu dgr pulak lagu Dreams oleh Priscilla Ahn tu...ilham dtg...saja ja...takat tulis bulih la...nk implement, x dak la gitu...dreamy sgt ni...

      This is my side effect for teaching english literature for form 1 and 2...