Tuesday, March 23, 2010

nasihatmu, kasihmu membawaku ke syurga

nasihatmu madu penyembuh luka
pabila bersamamu hilang dukaku
lewat kusedari nilai cintamu
pabila kau tiada di sisiku...

belaianmu kini masih terasa
restu darimu membawaku ke syurga
lewat kusedari nilai cintamu
pabila kau tiada lagi disisiku

this nasyeed is specially dedicated to my mum, back at home
i always and still feels that mum is my biggest comfort, home is the most comfort place to be because my mum is there...
but, i do realize that what makes mum is the biggest comfort is the sincere love that Allah rewards her to spread to us, the children...all mum was blessed with the unconditional love towards their children, no matter how their child looks, the love is there for us...that makes mum special to me...and i am very thankful to Allah, The Almighty, The Most Merciful for giving me such a wonderful mum...

stranded alone in a desert of snow isn't easy...when the strong wind keep on blowing, neglecting any living creatures it met,i have to stay strong...when the snow keep on falling and trying to wipe me out of the landscape, i have to stay bright and shine to be noticed...when the sun is shining brightly to give it benefited light, i have to endure the heat...trials keep on coming as time goes by...but i have to be where i am, to where i belong...and the source of strength mostly come from Him, The Almighty, The Most Merciful...and sometimes He did channel it through my mum, the person closest to me...through my friend, who has always see me as i am...

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving me the chances to experienced all this
to you all, thank you for standing up for me no matter what

again to everyone...this post is dedicated to myself
for reflection and self motivation
if you find the content do not suits you, just ignore them...

tribute to : en mohd helmi
seminar bayt al-muslim

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