Friday, December 4, 2009

hectic week...hectic month

is it really a hectic month this december???hmmm...let see the schedule then...

1 dec- 4.30 pm : arrive from johor
5.30 pm : gone to the legend hotel for pre-registration of ICKAF 09

2 dec - ICKAF 09 day 1
ICKAF's dinner

3 dec - ICKAF day 2

3 dec - Technical visit to The Armour Factory, Malacca
Tour in Bandar Hilir Malacca

4 dec- post-conference public talk with the industry at MTIB, Cheras
as UPM representative

5 dec - meeting old friend (cancel though)
laundry, chores, cooking and bla bla bla...

6 dec - pre-reading for EFB oil extraction tomorrow for kak norul's
recap of my works...

7 dec - morning : setting up soxhlet EFB oil extraction with kak norul and wang
post-conference public talk for researchers at faculty of medicine and health science
attend as a student and researcher

8-11 dec -continue screening core from bast fiber
registration of subject for next sem

14-17 dec - chip classification and yield determination

18-19 dec - gone to teluk intan for farhana's wedding reception (a must, mom representative)

21-25 dec - particle geometry determination

26 dec - gone to raub for kak kam's engagement (compulsory)

so...what do you think...ain't that super busy???...and i intend to present my data by early of january...i hope i manage to do that on time...really hoping guys, pray i have the strength to endure all the obstacle i'll face this month, because at this point of 5 dec i'm alreally tired...really tired of thinking and implementing things i've never thought this what people means when the say save the best for the last???

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